I REALLY appreciate all the support!
My relationship and collaboration with sponsoring/supporting organizations are based on love, mutual understanding and mutual respect.


b & l textile and trading gmbh (Germany)
is a trading company, based in Germany, Thailand and Japan. This time, they are kindly supporting me for international logistics between Thailand and USA, and also domestic logistics in USA.
CEO is Thomas-san, and he is one of my best friends, who has always supported me in many ways. Actually, he is my first running friend in Thailand. This time, again, he and his company are supporting me for this project.

Innova Systems (Thailand)
is an IT (Information Technology) company, based in Thailand. This time, CEO, Rangsarn-san, a very good running friend of mine of Bangkok Runners, has very kindly offered me for his support in this project. Especially, they are supporting me in many various ways, such as IT related works, like setting up this website, graphic designing, all other IT related points, and they are giving me various advice in project management.
Rangsarn-san is not working on those alone. He has decided to put his company resource in this project. That is why I enjoy working with his brilliant staffs.

Singapore Minimalist Group (Singapore)
is a barefoot running group, based in Singapore. The leader, Joe-san, is kindly taking care of me as his one of the members. He motivates all of us with his warm character, knowledge, experience and leadership. This time, he supports me, involving his member, in various ways.

Devotion to Cinema
is Devotion to Cinema is an online film magazine where you can find movie reviews , throwbacks to classic movies, top 10 lists and filmmaker equipment review.
The founder and director of Devotion to Cinema is Daghan Dalgic-san, and he has kindly offered to make a documentary film of our run across USA project, based on our video and photo images.
Daghan-san’s dream is to be a film director. I am so happy to be supported this kind of passionate young man!

愛しきルート66(Route 66 on My Mind)
is a community in Japan, supporting Route 66, sharing how wonderful Route 66 is.
Founder and Director is Mariko Kusakabe-san.
With Mariko-san, I want to share the wonderful and beloved Route 66 to the world!

Sathavorn Running Club (Thailand)
is one of the biggest and most beloved running clubs, based in Thailand. The leader, Sathavorn-san used to run in Thai national marathon team, and he has brought first medal of SEA Game (South East Asia Game) by running marathon.
His warm character and wide experience have been loved by many runners in Thailand. He is the running coach of Thailand, and he also supports me in many ways.

Bonita Road Runners (USA)
is a running club, based in Bonita, California. When I was in California, I was running in this running club, and I am still a member of this running club.
President of this running club, Tony-san, is supporting me for this running across USA project.
I cannot wait for running in USA, with my beloved running friends in this running club.

Punky Runners (Thailand)
is the coolest running club in the world.(^o^) President, Miaow-san, is a leader of Thai running community, too. She has been supporting and encouraging me in many ways. We always share passion of running and life.

Banana Running (Thailand)
is Yong-san’s one of the biggest running community in Thailand. Yong-san is also my project member to support promoting our activity. I cannot appreciate him more!

MUTEKI (Japan) and F-eight Bodywork Lab (Japan)
Takaoka-san, CEO, has given me the sponsorship to provide MUTEKI shoes to me. So, I will run across USA with MUTEKI shoes. Takaoka-san is a designer of MUTEKI shoes.(The maker is Kineya.) He is a Japan record holder of barefoot full marathon, with 2 hours 45 minutes.
He is a therapist and a running coach, too.
So, he is supporting me in three ways, “shoes,” “therapist” and “running coach.”

Jennifer M.S. Robertson (Thailand)
is a raw food vegan, guiding many people with her knowledge and experience in nutrition. Jennifer-san, based in Thailand, has been supporting me in many ways, with her kind character.

Japan Barefoot Running Association (Japan)
Chairman, Yoshino-san, is the one, who has taught me the real barefoot running method and idea. He has changed my running style, and my life, too. Thanks to him, I can run much more smartly, much more effectively and much more safely.
When I run across USA, I want to share what I have learnt from him with many people.

Barefootinc Japan
is sole distributor of Vibram Five Finger Shoes in Japan. (President:Mr.Jason WIlliams, Director:Mr.Tsuyoshi Yoshino) And, I will wear their shoes, when I run across USA.

Don’t think, Feel
is a barefoot shoe shop in Okinawa, Japan, and they have donated their shop shirt.

Route 66 Chamber of Commerce (USA)
is Chamber of Commerce of Route 66, located in Joplin, Missouri, USA. Founder and Director, Ron-san, has kindly agreed to support me, based on my wish list, which I am preparing now.

Tenkuu Roppuu no Kai
is a running club in Kyushu, Japan. The leaders are Iwakiri-san and Katayama-san. Katayama-san is my best friend, but I have not run or met with the other members, however, this running club is very kindly supporting me in this project.

is a sport shirt maker in Malaysia. When I run across USA, I will wear various shirts, but 2ND SKIN has promised me to design and donate some shirts for me. I love 2ND SKIN’s products. 2ND SKIN’s shirts are not just shirts, but pieces of art.

is one the most popular information magazine in Bangkok, Thailand. This time, Fukushi-san, Chief Editor, has kindly supported me with writing about this project. I really appreciate him.

is the sole distributor of VIVOBAREFOOT, SUUNTO and OGIO in Singapore. GREEN PASTURE has kindly sponsored for giving me pairs of VIVOBAREFOOT TRAIL SHOES, SUUNTO GPS Watch and OGIO Hydration Backpack. I really appreciate their very warm and kind support. I cannot appreciate them more.

are Paul Kittiwongsunthorn-san’s companies, and he and his girlfriend, Alisa-san, have made our official project logo.

is Hiromi Suzuki-san’s apparel brand in Thailand. She is supporting me as a therapist, and also she is supporting me for providing some wear. I cannot appreciate her more.

Honda motorbike’s biggest distributor has given me the sponsorship. (I have got their approval of using his logo.) I cannot appreciate this very kind sponsorship more.

Castañeda y Asociados
is a Mexican law firm dedicated to service the legal needs of individuals and corporations doing business in Mexico, and/or needing advice and assistance in the areas of real estate and commercial transactions, probate, criminal, and civil matters. Their partners and associate attorneys are specialists in each area of the law to which individual case may be assigned, providing the best service in a confident, open and honest attorney-client relationship.
This time, Mr. Castaneda, my running friend in Bonita Road Runners, who also has studied law with Master’s Degree in University of California, San Diego, has kindly supported me for legal issues. During our trip, we need to follow lots of legal regulations. For example, they give me legal advice on, when we rent our RV (residential vehicle), what kind of legal points we need to be careful.
I cannot appreciate their very kind support more!

As we all know, CANNONDALE is the best bicycle maker in the world. And, this time, Cannondale Asia (Cannasia), in Singapore, (Also, they have office in Thailand .) has kindly offered a sponsorship to provide us with a bicycle.
With this bicycle, my crew members can pace me, when I run across USA.
So, Cannondale bicycle will also run across USA, too!!!
I really appreciate, Mr. Chris Bray, President of Cannasia, who has given me/us this very kind sponsorship.

Brooks (Thailand)
is one of the best and most well-known sport shoe and wear maker. This time, Brooks (Thailand) has kindly given me their sponsorship for my running jackets. I really appreciate Brooks Thailand’s General Manager, Mr. New (Thananatt Narasethapong-san) for his very kind and very quick action. And, I also appreciate my running friend, and our leader of Thai running community, Thanongsak-san, who has made this sponsorship. (My wife also has got their very kind sponsorship shoes, too!)

Thai Jogging Magazine
is Thailand’s most important and popular running magazine, with 10,000 copies circulated every month.
I have been supported by Thai Jogging Magazine, by giving me a chance to write my monthly column about my running across USA project in this magazine.
I really appreciate them!
And, I really appreciate Mr. Thanongsak, the leader of Thai running community, who has very kindly set up this support.

Thai Health Promotion Foundation
is Thai organization to promote people’s health in Thailand.
They also encourage people’s sport activity, including running, and they also support Thai Jogging Magazine.
I am supported by Thai Health Promotion Foundation, through my monthly column in Thai Jogging Magazine.
In this way, my project has been supported and acknowledged Thai Health Promotion Foundation.
This means a lot to me.
I really appreciate Mr. Thanongsak, the leader of Thai running community, who has very kindly set up this support.
And, I will run across USA, with the pride and heart of a Thai runner.

Bonita Cafe and Social Club (Thailand)
is my small vegan cafe in Bangkok, Thailand.


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